We've Been Impressed.... Jan/Feb Mega Roundup

We get a TON of emails every day filled with awesome new music from independent artists all over the world. Most of the time, we get to feature our favorite ones and share them with you guys. But sometimes, we don't have the time to get to everyone on our list. Check out the bands below to see who we've been raving about behind the scenes and why you will be raving about them too!

Song: "Wasting Time"

Who: The Mowgli’s

Why We Love It: Dangerously relatable lyrics paired with an 80s nostalgic beat inspires listeners to deep dive into making a change for the better. This track is an anthem to shout with your friends when you’re tired of boring life. “Wasting Time” balances on the fine line between pop and rock so seamlessly, and we can’t get enough.

Song: "Susan"

Who: Ebony Buckle

Why We Love It: This song is quite possibly the cutest, most whimsical song to ever hit our speakers. Ebony Buckle sings about her imaginary best friend named Susan the Raptor, and now we want our own imaginary dinosaur to befriend.

Song: "All the Time"

Who: Sean Kennedy

Why We Love It: Sean Kennedy charms us to the core with this sweet track, just in time for spring. This song’s chorus is incredibly catchy and its melody is so lighthearted, we find ourselves wanting to fall in love “All the Time”.

Song: "Moonlight in my Bedroom"

Who: nondisco.

Why We Love It: We have high hopes for this chill pop artist in 2020. This track fits somewhere between The 1975 and the Jonas Brothers. The production on “Moonlight in my Bedroom'' effortlessly complements the artist’s smooth vocals. If there’s one thing we don’t doubt, it’s nondisco’s skills with creating an earworm melody.

Song: "Lost to the Night"


Why We Love It: This artist is on the rise – and for good reasons. Vocal layering seems to be his specialty, presented in his latest release. Gorgeous vocals and a moving beat translates this singer’s passion for his music. We highly encourage our readers to jump on this train soon before he takes over the scene, because he will.

Song: "Mad"

Who: Izzy Thomas

Why We Love It: A raspy yet stunning tone and beautifully poetic words - what more could we ask for? Izzy Thomas calls out someone for not admitting their love for her. If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, or you just want to relieve some relationship tension, this might be the song for you.

Song: "Train Crush"

Who: Harry Taylor

Why We Love It: This song tells the story of falling in love with a stranger on a train ride. Harry Taylor imagines a life with this person, and how wonderful they must be. Like most instant crushes, they walk away forever. Complemented by a catchy 80s pop sound, this track makes us want to go on a train ride ASAP.

Song: "Home"

Who: Josh Stevens

Why We Love It: Josh Stevens knows how to uplift a breakup and get that last word in. Lyrics like “home isn’t home anymore” call out that person we once thought was perfect. Deep drums and a fierce piano create an anthem for leaving the past in the past.

Song: "In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning"

Who: Casey Abrams

Why We Love It: Our personal favorite track off this artist’s newest EP Uncovered makes us want to sip tea with lit candles. This song has a wonderful way of making us feel nostalgic about nothing at all. In this track, Casey’s voice is sweet and soothing, paired with a lovely flute that makes us fall in love with music all over again.


Who: Maggie Miles

Why We Love It: Pop better brace itself for the refreshing storm that is Maggie Miles. This is the perfect song to turn on when you need a little uplifting. While it’s categorized as indie alt-pop, we think anyone would love this song – it’s an easy and fun listen. We’re definitely going to keep a close eye on Maggie in 2020, and you should too.

Song: "Not The Girl"

Who: Natalie Shay

Why We Love It: We’re noticing a pattern of 80s sounds in this roundup…and we’re not mad about it. Natalie Shay gives us the girl power anthem we find ourselves needing every day. Whether you’re leaving someone in the past, dealing with rejection, or just feeling the struggles of life, this track shows you how to stand up for all you’re worth.

Song: "Gonna Be Alright"

Who: Samuel Jack

Why We Love It: This moving song touches on mental health and the stresses that humans face every day. When we’re feeling overwhelmed by life, Samuel Jack is there to remind us that we will overcome that moment. The artist’s voice is stunning, the melody is catchy, the lyrics are honest and uplifting. We truly cannot ask for a better song to close this roundup. Well done, Samuel Jack.

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